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YONKS ELECTRIC is one of the leading and the most reliable manufacturers and exporters for low tension electric products in China.
YONKS ELECTRIC has successfully developed and manufacturing numerous electric products .such as circhit breaker, AC contactor, meter relay, control units as well as illumination items and so on, in high quality.
YONKS ELECTRIC possesses full line of high-tech production equipment and great strength of technology support besides advanced designation forces powered by the first class engineering teams with super industrial computer systems .Thus,aour products are novel in design, excellent in workmanship and top reliable in quality. A lot of our products have obtained “SEMKO”, “CB”,“CE”,“IRAM” and other international quality approvals. The products are now being well sold in more than 80 countries and regions in the world.
Moreover ,YONKS ELECTRIC hasalways paid special attention to protect the benefit of clients’so that both the clients and the company are able to gain the maximum benefit from the relations between.
We warmly look forward to establishing, reinforcing and expanding a long term fruitful collaboration relationship with the reliable clients all over the world.
Let’s get busy and pull together to create a better future!

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